Final Project

This was by far one of the most challenging projects this semester. I had to really think about what I wanted my video to be about since there were so many stories I wanted to talk about. I was trying to accomplish a successful video that was interesting to listen to and watch. I had the most difficulty finding images for my story since my story was about a scenario that only happened once in my life and never happened again. I wasn’t thinking in the moment that I should have taken a video and I do regret that. I also had some trouble finding music but realized instead of music intriguing melody would be more appropriate for my particular story. I did find a sound that was ere and mysterious, exactly what I was trying to go for. The whole process of IMovie was not new to me but telling a story and making a video about a particular story was new to me and something that I had never considered before. I like how we had the freedom to pick any story that we wanted. I enjoyed finishing the movie the most just because the whole process did take a while. I am most proud of how the video came out, I do wish that the melody in the background came out a little smoother, there were some parts where it cuts off but I had a lot of difficulty trying to fix that as well. If I had more time with this assignment, I would have fixed the music in background to make it smoother and I would have probably taken some more pictures of the actual story itself. Overall this whole process was a learning experience and I am happy that I am able to use iMovie more confidently.


BiBi Card

BiBi Card.jpg


BiBi Cardj.jpg


For this assignment I used a bibi card from US Weekly. It was a little difficult finding the right bibi card that I wanted to use since there were a lot of options. I choose this specific bibi card because I really liked the bright pink colors and I felt it would be more fun to create than a boring card with no color. I also enjoy the magazine a lot and have always thought that their bibi cards were bright and eye catching.  I was trying to achieve the exact design of the card and make it look as clean as possible with little to no mistakes. It was extremely hard making sure everything looked precise and the same and also finding the exact fonts that were from the original card. I couldn’t find some of the fonts so I had to improvise, but they were close enough so It didn’t look too off. I also had some trouble with line spacing and fitting everything in the right spot. My favorite part of the whole process was when I found fonts that looked almost the same as the original and also when I was finished with the card. Even though the process wasn’t too challenging It was still nice to sit back and admire what I accomplished. I was most proud of the end result and I do feel that it looks almost identical to the original. It takes a lot of focusing and font hunting to achieve the same look so that takes some effort in itself. If I could do this whole process differently I would have tried harder to find the exact fonts and also maybe have touched up a few places that felt could be more precise. All and all this was a fun assignment and I learned a lot from the whole process.






30 Second Commercial

Best Friends from Emily McDermott on Vimeo.

With this assignment I was trying to achieve a very emotionally moving commercial that people would respond to. By doing so I needed to find images that were moving, and went with what I was trying to go for. I also needed to come up with a script that was short but also would be effective enough to get my message across. I struggled with coming up with a script because there was a lot I wanted to say but that wouldn’t fit into the 30 second restriction. I also had trouble making my script sound like it was for a commercial instead of like I was reading from a paper. I had never made a commercial before so this whole process was all very new to me but I enjoyed it and I am happy I now know how to make one. I also had never done a voice over a video and that was something to adjust to since It is strange listening to your own voice. I really liked how I could pick whatever topic I wanted and I could choose something I was passionate about. I choose to do my commercial on the advocacy organization Best Friends which helps save the lives of thousands of animals mostly dogs and cats. I am always moved by those commercials that are very emotional and make people want to get up and do something about the cause so I wanted my commercial to make the same effect on people.  I was most proud of coming up with a successful commercial that came out exactly as I wanted. I think if I had more time to work on this I would have had the commercial be longer so I could of talked about other important facts about the organization. Overall I really enjoyed this process and I learned so much that I didn’t know before.